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Onexox TKKR Team Potential Moto2 withdrawal leaving Kasmayudin without a ride - Everything Moto Racing

Onexox TKKR Team Potential Moto2 withdrawal leaving Kasmayudin without a ride

The Malaysian Onexox TKKR Moto2 team, which have had success in the class, could be forced to withdraw from the Moto2 world championship due to a lack of funds.

It is no secret that the team have struggled for money this year with their riders riding 2019 Kalex Chassis’ for 2020 instead of the newer version.

The team have had problems with sponsors for 2020. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, a sponsor which would have paid for rider Kasma Daniel’s season had to withdraw due to economic problems meaning the team now need to find €650,000 to be able to field the rider for the rest of the season.

Due to the team running the 2019 chassis, they are 0.8 a lap slower than their 2020 counterparts which has the potential to cause major problems for attracting sponsors. Kasma Daniel has struggled on the 2019 chassis ending Jerez in P22, as we all know, people are not looking to sponsor teams running at the back of the grid.

The team have been given 14 days to find the funds to complete the season or else they will be forced to withdraw from the season, leaving Kasma Daniel without a ride for the season.

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