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Michelin magic? The trick which which helped Fabio Quartararo win - Everything Moto Racing

Michelin magic? The trick which which helped Fabio Quartararo win

Before the Andalusia GP, Michelin broke the secret circle code and advised all the teams of a technique before the race, only two riders did this trick.

During the weekend of the Andalucian GP, tyre supplier Michelin advised all the teams to scrub in a soft tyre during the warm up session. However, only two riders complied, namely Fabio Quartararo and Alex Rins.

By scrubbing in the tyre, a film is removed, which when left to cool causes a chemical reaction which makes the tyre more heat resistant, which as we know, was crucial given the scorching temperatures at Jerez.

The tyre was able to run at 10 degrees cooler than normal, which paired with a 60 degree track, gives the user a fantastic advantage. This meant that Quartararo was able to instantly benefit from this at the start of the race, opening up a gap which would give him his second premier class win.

Following the race the French rider commented “Normally on the grid we start with a new tyre, but this time we decided to go three laps around with the tyre in the warm up and then go out to the race with the tyre already used”.

The technique clearly paid off and Quartararo congratulated the team for their planning and execution of this.

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